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Acoustic Energy

Important Notice:

Unfortunately Acoustic Energy are no longer manufacturing their Pro Audio range. Any service enquiries need to be dealt with directly with AE. Please get in touch via their website.

The Acoustic Energy AE1 speaker was introduced in 1988 and was one of the very first professional studio near-field monitors. It was embraced by the worldwide studio community for it’s accuracy, small dimensions, dynamics, stereo imaging, sonic linearity and high level handling capability. Many of the original AE1s are still in use today, and remain a popular choice in the professional field.

Like a number of UK speaker manufacturers Acoustic Energy went on to conquer the hifi market through the 90’s, but in 2007 decided to return to their roots and release the AE1 Classic, a modern version of the original as well as a totally new near field monitor with a broader frequency response – the AE22 Studio Monitor. To comply with modern demands the AE22 is made available in both active and passive versions.

The Acoustic Energy AE22 Studio Monitors are designed to be listened to on a mixing desk at ear level as a supremely true nearfield studio monitor pair.