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In the Mix with Angel Haze

In the Mix with Angel Haze at Heaven London

We get in the mix with Charlie Dale and Sam Savile, front of house and monitor sound engineers respectively with Hip-Hop artist Angel Haze at her gig in Heaven, London. They talk about Angel’s sound, her ferocious rapping style and what it’s like to work in live sound engineering with Angel and her band.

Charlie and Sam use the DPA d:facto II for Angel’s vocal mic to reproduce crystal clear rapping when she’s firing words and syllables off at a million miles a minute. Coupled with DPA’s drum mics, d:dicate™ 2011Cs on snares and hi-hat and d:vote™ 4099Ds on toms, they sculpt a fat rhythm sound to support Angel’s lyrical wizardry and the tight sound of the live band.

Watch In the Mix with Angel Haze – Charlie Dale and Sam Savile:

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