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DPA d:facto™ Mic Guide

DPA d:facto Vocal and Interview Microphones

A microphone is no better than its capsule

DPA d:facto Vocal Supercardioid Capsule - MMC4018V

For vocal performers who dare to be heard

Engineered to perform at its utmost best for vocalists on stage, DPA’s d:facto™ Vocal‘s supercardioid capsule (MMC4018V) reproduces every nuance of the human voice transparently, accurately and with consistency.

Its low noise floor, low handling noise, high SPL tolerance and tweaked polar pattern for less feedback make it very adept at handling whatever modern stages can throw at it with ease.

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DPA d:facto™ Omnidirectional Capsule - MMC2006V

For demanding broadcast professionals

Operating in conditions that vary from calm to chaotic, broadcast interviews demand a lot from a microphone. No matter what the context is, ENG sound quality depends on the first link in the transmission chain: the mic capsule.

DPA’s d:facto™ Interview twin-diaphragm omnidirectional capsule (MMC2006V) brings award-winning d:facto sound into the field. The result is an interview mic that captures the moment perfectly.

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The d:facto™ Vocal Capsule

Get closer to the mic capsule that captures electrifying vocal performances

The DPA d:facto™ Vocal capsule – a.k.a. MMC4018V – has been specifically engineered for vocal performers taking into account all the tough demands of modern stage acoustics.


DPA d:facto MMC4018V Polar Pattern

Polar Pattern

The MMC4018V offers a tighter rear lobe than normal super-cardioids with great off-axis rejection.

DPA d:facto MMC4018V Frequency Response

Frequency Response

Both on- and off-axis responses are linear and perfectly parallel. Rear rejection is high with no sudden peaks or dips.


The d:facto™ Interview Capsule

Get closer to broadcast brilliance and illuminating interviews

The DPA d:facto™ Interview capsule – a.k.a. MMC2006V – has been specifically engineered for broadcast sound professionals and interviews, providing omnidirectional polar pattern with a very flat frequency response.

Watch the d:facto Interview Mic wind noise comparison video here.

DPA d:facto Interview MMC2006V Capsule

DPA d:facto MMC2006v Polar Pattern

Polar Pattern

The higher the frequency, the more off-axis attenuation the MMC2006V will show.

DPA d:facto Interview MMC2006V Frequency Response

Frequency Response

Perfectly linear frequency response with a subtle on-axis brightness lift. At normal off-axis interview position the response is completely flat.

Watch DPA’s d:facto Video

Modularity that gives you stunning sound and unrivalled flexibility

Protect your investment in fantastic sound – change a part, not the whole microphone, when your needs evolve.

DPA d:facto™ is more than a microphone. It’s a modular system designed to keep you sounding good no matter how your requirements for hand held mics might change in the future. You keep your d:facto capsule even if you want to switch from wired to wireless – or from one wireless system to another. After all, the capsule is where great sound starts.

The Grid

Select a d:facto Grid to suit your production. The d:facto Grid acts as a windshield and protects the capsule from moisture and damage. Watch Paloma Faith perform in the rain using d:facto here.


The Capsule

The d:facto™ microphone comes in two variants based around the capsule: the d:facto Interview and the d:facto Vocal. The d:facto Vocal is a super-cardioid, while the d:facto Interview is omnidirectional to best serve its application for broadcast.

DPA d:facto Vocal Mic Capsule - MMC4018V
DPA d:facto Interview Mic Capsule - MMC2006V

The Adapters

DPA’s ingenious adapter system protects your investment in fantastic sound for years to come by allowing the d:facto to couple with any wireless handle. Wired. Wireless. Wherever.

DPA d:facto Handle

d:facto™ Handle

The d:facto handle for wired XLR connection.

DPA d:facto SE2-ew Wireless Adapter

d:facto™ SE2-ew Adapter

Pairs d:facto with Sennheiser 2000, 9000 and Evolution wireless systems.

DPA d:facto SE5 Wireless Adapter

d:facto™ SE5 Adapter

Pairs d:facto capsule & grid with Sennheiser 5000-series wireless systems.

DPA d:facto SL1 Wireless Adapter

d:facto™ SL1 Adapter

Pairs d:facto capsule & grid with Shure, Sony, Lectrosonics and Line 6 wireless systems.

DPA d:facto WI2 Wireless Adapter

d:facto™ WI2 Adapter

Pairs d:facto capsule & grid with Wisycom wireless system.

Do you need d:facto?

If you’ve got a question or would like to find out how and where to get your hands on the formidable DPA d:facto microphone range, call us on +44 (0)20 3008 7530 or get in contact via email.

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