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Sony DWX at the National Theatre with Autograph and Stage Sound Services

Autograph, Stage Sound Services show Sony DWX Digital Wireless

In response to increasing market interest in the Sony DWX Digital Wireless Microphone System: Autograph Sound, Stage Sound Services and new UK distributor Sound Network held a ‘hands on’ seminar for Sound Designers and Theatre Technicians at the National Theatre on the 12th of July.

The focus of the event was the use of the equipment in a live theatre environment with a comprehensive range of Sony wireless systems and a variety of microphones for attendees to appraise and experience in a real theatre environment. Assisted by a team of professional actors the system was put through its paces with a series of duologues and some songs, from whispers to high volume singing, perfectly exemplifying the accuracy and sound pressure handling of the microphones and wireless pre-amps. Industry standard DPA Microphones were used, including head worn, boom mics and handheld microphones.

The latest version of the DWX System brings the highest quality audio and RF stability in the lightest and smallest transmitter found on digital wireless systems, weighing less than 125g, with batteries. Outputting at 96kHz and with an industry leading audio latency of 1.5ms the Sony DWX completely interfaces with the Sony DWX Studio Software enabling the user to monitor and control a complete digital wireless system.

A technical team made up of Autograph, Stage Sound Services, Sound Network & Sony personnel supported the busy day and all were on hand throughout to answer any critical questions regarding design, performance and operation.

8 Channels were used simultaneously in the demonstration at the National Theatre

Autograph’s Will McGonagle said afterwards:

“We have had the Sony DWX Digital wireless radios for the last 12 months. We have been impressed with the audio performance, low latency and the software features and feel the DWX system offers good value for money.”

Stage Sound ServicesJames Lewis added:

“We are really excited about the Sony DWX Digital Wireless. As the industry looks at digital systems more and more due to the contracting radio bandwidth, we will need a digital standard for radio mics and the feature set and sound quality of the Sony DWX makes it a leading candidate.”

Those present included some of the top theatre sound designers and operators currently working in theatres in London’s West End, Broadway and all stops in between. Suitably impressed, everyone showed a committed interest in investigating the Sony DWX system in more detail.

The event was a success with many who attended commenting that it has the ability to be a major contender in the professional theatre sound market offering a number of advantages over its competitors.

Pictures from the event can be viewed in our Gallery while for more information on the Sony DWX Digital Wireless System, please check out our guide.

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