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Brit Row Training Mic Techniques Workshop with DPA and Sound Network

Brit Row Training Mic Techniques Workshop in Images and Audio

Here are the photos and audio snippets with notes from our recent Live Mic Techniques Workshop held on 25th June 2014 at Brit Row, with interesting mic techniques for drums and live instruments used by both group sessions. The different choices of mic placement and uses are detailed further down in the article along with audio snippets for each group’s choices of both the full band and the solo drums.

Photos from the workshop

Click on a photo and scroll through the gallery to see the different mic techniques used on the drumkit, bass amp, guitar amp and vocalist throughout the workshop.

DPA Microphones Used for the Workshop

Mics used for the Sound Network Live Mic Techniques Workshop, Brit Row Productions Training, June 2014A variety of cardioid, super-cardioid and omni-directional microphones were used for the live mic techniques workshop sessions. These included the following models:


  • DPA d:facto™ II vocal condenser mic


  • Snare top – DPA d:dicate™ 2011C Cardioid mic
  • Snare bottom – DPA d:vote™ 4099D Super-cardioid drum mic
  • Toms – DPA d:vote™ 4099D Super-cardioid drum mic
  • Kick – Combination of DPA d:vote™ 4099D, d:dicate™ 2011C, d:screet™ 4091 (omnidirectional)
  • OH’s – d:dicate 4011A cardioid spaced pair, d:dicate 4011ER cardioid X/Y pair

Bass Amp:

  • DPA d:dicate™ 2011C cardioid condenser mic

Guitar Amp:

  • Combination of d:dicate™ 2011C cardioid and d:screet™ 4091 omni mics

Workshop Sound Files

Here are the audio snippets captured at the two sessions of the Brit Row Training Live Mic Techniques Workshop, where the respective groups tested various microphone placement techniques to achieve a final sound for live music situations. All the mics were left untreated – effectively flat – and what you hear is a stereo feed recorded straight off the desk with no effects or compression added. There are two snippets per session: one depicting the final drum mix and one with a final mix of the whole band, with mic placements chosen by each group. The two sessions naturally chose varying techniques and mics as their collective favourites. The main differences between them are explained below…

How the Two Sessions Differed

Session 1

  • Snare: 2011C pointed across the top, 4099D across bottom.
  • Kick: 4099D super-cardioid and 4091 omni combination.
  • Overheads: Spaced pair of d:dicate 4011 cardioid mics
  • Guitar amp: 2011C cardioid and 4091 omni at the edge of the speaker.

Session 2

  • Snare: 2011C angled down (around 90°) on top, 4099D angled 90° underneath.
  • Kick: 4099D super-cardioid and 2011C cardioid combination.
  • Overheads: none, cymbals under-mic’d with 4099D super-cardioid mics.
  • Guitar amp: 4091 omni at the edge of the speaker cone.

Full quality .wav files are available for download here if you’d like to listen in more detail or hold on to the recordings. Last of all, a huge “Thank you” to Britannia Row Productions Training (website), Simon Treasure and the band and everyone who attended and made this workshop a success! Find out about future workshops like this one and book your spot – sign up to our mailing list here and we’ll let you know when and where the next one will be.

To find out more on how DPA Microphones could help your live events and recordings contact Sound Network, exclusive distributor for DPA Microphones in the United Kingdom.

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