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Anna von Hauswolff at St Johns, Bethnal Green

We met with Swedish singer, pianist, organist and songwriter Anna von Hausswolff, who The Guardian refers to as "Part banshee-voiced member of a witches’ coven, part Sweden’s highbrow answer to Mogwai", at the awesome St John's church in Bethnal Green.

As part of the 2016 Convergence festival, it seems pairing her intensely powerful voice and music with such an ambient venue seemed like the logical thing to do. And it did not disappoint – her performance lifted the roof.

Aided by DPA Microphones d:facto™ Vocal, d:dicate™ and d:vote™ mics, FOH Justin Grealy provided all the sound required to fill the space with her powerful music, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

Kieran Mollison, reviewer for The 405 aptly says, “There’s something about her music that makes you feel like you can sit back and enjoy noise, being screamed at, and just bathing in the sound she so magnificently creates…” Read his full review of the show (with great photos) here.

Photography ~ Caleb Hill

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