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DPA Drum Mic Workshop at Puzzle Factory Sound Studio

We held a DPA drum mic'ing workshop at Puzzle Factory Sound Studio in North London on the 06/09/2018 showcasing how to tune your drum mix before the console - using just the microphones.

Run by engineer and Sound Network Product Manager Les Mommsen, the session started with a detailed look at mic placement and phase on both a traditional drum kit (manned by drummer Jon Scott) and percussion (manned by percussionist Richard Olatunde).

Participants took part in the DPA drum mic placement session, covering topics like phase, using directionality and position to control the mix of the drum kit before the signal even arrives at the console, making the mixing process for both studio and live applications exponentially easier.

The group then made their way into the control room while Richard and Jon played grooves continuously, monitoring the mix through Quested V3110 3-way and V2108 2-way monitors, to take the mixing process further with small tweaks here and there.

Many thanks to all the attendees and staff and musicians, as well as Puzzle Factory Sound Studio for the amazing space. To keep abreast of upcoming workshops check our Events page and subscribe to our email list.

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