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DPA Microphone Workshop at Scala, December 2017

On 1st of December we held a live microphone workshop with DPA Microphones in conjunction with Capital Sound at Scala in Kings Cross, London. This excellent venue provided a great location and setup to experience the full effect of using DPA Microphones through a great PA to get a very good starting point for a mix with no signal processing beyond hi-pass filters.

Presented by DPA Master, Mixing and Live Sound Engineer Les Mommsen, the workshop entailed a 5-person band mic’d up with 30 channels of microphones using an array of omnidirectional d:screet™ CORE, 4091 and d:dicate™ 4006 mics, cardioid d:dicate 4011ER and 2011C mics and the mighty d:vote 4099 and d:facto V and VL mics.

We also had two d:facto vocal mics on each male and female singers, with a wired and Sony DWX Digital Wireless channel on each. This allowed for switching between the two to A/B test the signal and the results were staggering in that it was nigh impossible to hear any difference. The Sony DWX wireless system offers incredible clarity at 24bit/96kHz with just 1.5ms of signal processing time – soon to be 1.2ms with the latest 3rd Generation version (DWX3).

The goal was to hear the result of using correct mic choice and placement to get a very good basic mix, before applying any EQ or compression. Les took the guests through each channel explaining mic and placement choices and at the end of this process the band played 3 songs so that FOH David Preston could apply his desired EQ and signal processing. This resulted in him doing *very little* to say the least.

The three tracks were recorded multitrack and the mix and files will be available in the near future.

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Photography ~ Caleb Hill

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