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Talvin Singh OBE miking Tabla

A long time fan of the old B&K recording mics, we met up with Talvin Singh so he could get his hands on DPA's new d:dicate™ range of microphones, from both a live sound and studio perspective, at Kings Place Music Foundation in London.

We tried out a pair of d:dicate™ 4011A cardioids, a 4015A wide cardioid, though eventually settled on the d:dicate™ 2011C for both its size and sound, using just a single mic to capture his Tabla’s sounds. Guitarist Giuliano Modarelli was also on hand, and trying out the d:vote 4099G on his classical guitar, even when monitoring through his AER Compact 60 acoustic amp, proved a hit.

Giuliano also uses a few effects pedals, loopers and so on (all via piezo pickup), so the d:vote 4099G is a great way to maintain the clean, natural sound of the guitar which, when blended alongside the effected signal, makes for a huge mix and much more clarity.

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Photography ~ Caleb Hill

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