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DPA Announce Nickel and Gold Grids for d:facto™ II

DPA Announce d:facto II Nickel and Gold Microphone Grids

Meeting a spate of customer requests, DPA have released a nickel finish grid to match Sennheiser’s nickel grid and created a custom gold finish grid for their tremendously successful d:facto™ II microphone.

Adding to the classic black windshield, the nickel finish d:facto™ II head will be available for all the 2000, 9000 and 5200-series Sennheiser wireless systems, coupling the incredible clarity, balance and off-axis attenuation of the d:facto™ II to your current Sennheiser wireless microphone transmitter / receiver system. The nickel finish grid will also be available to retro-fit onto your current d:facto™ heads – both as a complete assembly including the diffusion tubes and foam protector inserts and as the metal only grid.

Prices for the nickel and gold finish grids allow them to slot into the d:facto™ II range without any fuss. The nickel finish d:facto™ II supercardioid head with SE2-ew adaptor (Sennheiser 2000/9000/evolution wireless) will be £660.00* ex VAT in the UK, with the nickel head and SE5 adaptor (for Sennheiser 5200) sharing the same MSRP. If you already have a DPA d:facto™ II microphone system, you can simply purchase the microphone grid with complete assembly for £115* ex VAT or the microphone grid (metal only) for £85* ex VAT respectively.

The gold finish grid will be available on custom request as either the complete assembly or metal only grids, at the same price as the nickel version.

DPA d:facto II Nickel gridDPA d:facto II Gold grid

Find your local dealer or rental company or contact us for more information on the DPA d:facto™ II Nickel and Gold.

*Prices are correct at the time of publishing (13-01-2014) and may be subject to change.

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