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DPA Tabletop Mic Assembly 1

DPA Tabletop Microphone Quick Assembly Guide

Here’s a quick assembly guide for the new DPA Tabletop Microphone kit. The kit includes a d:screet™ Podium Mic (SC4098-BM) and Microphone Base (DM6000), coming in three options of termination: microdot, XLR or pigtail. This should help you assemble the tabletop mic out of the box.

What’s included?

  1. DM6000 Microphone Base
  2. Microdot connection sleeve (included as part of the DM6000)
  3. d:screet™ SC4098-BM Podium Microphone (standard with kit is the 45cm version)
  4. Cable terminated to MicroDot (Also available to XLR and Pigtail versions)

DPA Tabletop Mic Assembly 1

Step 1

Thread the Microdot Connection Sleeve (2) over the boom of the SC4098-BM Podium Mic (3) as pictured below.

Thread the Microdot Connection Sleeve over the podium boom

Step 2

Screw the end of the SC4098-BM Podium Mic onto the MicroDot connector of the DM6000 Microphone Base, as pictured below.

Connect the SC4098-BM to the DM6000 Microphone Base

Step 3

Once the podium mic is fitted to the base, slide down and screw in the Microdot Connection Sleeve to protect the connection, as pictured below.

Protect the MicroDot connection with the included sleeve

Step 4

Make sure the connection is secure, protected, and looks like in the picture below:

The connection should look like this

You’re done!

The whole assembly should look like this. If it doesn’t and you need further help, please get in touch.

DPA Tabletop Mic fully assembled

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