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Meris MIDI over TRS Switch

New Meris MIDI Switch and 4-Way Control Switch Preview

After the long-awaited arrival of the Mercury7 Reverb and Ottobit Jr Bitcrusher pedals earlier this year, Meris has just released images on their Instagram account of the next two products on their workbench. These include a 4-way control switch to recall 4 presets on the pedals, and their own unique version of a MIDI-over-TRS switch box.

UPDATE: Meris Preset Switch and MIDI I/O interface OUT NOW

Meris has launched their new 4-way Preset Switch and the nifty MIDI I/O interface for controlling every parameter of up to 4 Meris pedals using MIDI. Read more about the 4-Way Preset Switch and the MIDI I/O.

Meris Preset Switch and MIDI I/O

The 2017 Teasers

Here’s a picture of the 4-way controller switch:

Meris 4-Way Control Switch
Based on both the Mercury7 and Ottobit Jr’s functionality, this dead simple switch will be able to save patches by dialling in the parameters you want on your pedal and holding the Alt switch until the LED flashes. A parameter snapshot is then saved to the current location for instant recall. This should also be able to control more than one Meris pedal at a time (with 4 presets overall) using a daisy-chain TRS cable.

The MIDI-over-TRS box looks like this:

Meris MIDI over TRS Switch

We don’t yet have the full details of what this little box will do, but MIDI over TRS means now you can use anything that transmits MIDI to control all the parameters of either the OttobitJr or Mercury7 individually – seriously, the possibilities here are endless! The MIDI I/O switch will include midi in, midi out, four TRS outputs, and a 9VDC socket for power.

Keep your eyes firmly peeled late fall / winter 2017 for the official release of these new Meris products.

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