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Bubblebee Windkiller for Shotgun Mics

New Bubblebee Products Now Available

Bubblebee Industries has launched a host of new products this October, aimed at the film and television sound markets. Bubblebee’s innovative perspective on sound recording accessories brings a fresh range of useful tools that are steadily becoming staple additions to professional sound recordists’ kit bags.

In 2013 Bubblebee brought its first products to market: a range of lavalier microphone windshields called Windbubbles which maintained a more natural frequency response by creating a bubble of dead air around the mic capsule. These were followed earlier in 2015 by their Invisible Lav Covers and the innovative Cable Saver, which reduces breakages and cable handling noise in lav mics.

With the new additions this month, Bubblebee now boasts an even wider range of high quality sound recording accessories, forming an indispensable selection of tools for sound recordists:

Bubblebee Windkiller for Shotgun Mics


The Bubblebee Industries Windkiller is designed to give superior wind protection for all shotgun microphones on the market. The Windkiller comes in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.
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Bubblebee The Big Windbubble on handheld mic


Bubblebee Industries’ The Big Windbubble is made for handheld condenser mics, perfect for broadcast interviews or live performances in windy outdoors conditions.
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Bubblebee Invisible Lav Tape stickys


Bubblebee Invisible Lav Tape is a pack of 120 Hypoallergenic tested stickys for attaching lavalier microphones to subjects invisibly. Also refills your Invisible Lav Cover stickys.
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Bubblebee Piece-a-Fur


The Bubblebee Piece-a-Fur has been specially sourced to provide the softest and quietest cover for mounting lavalier mics under clothing, cutting out friction noise.
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All bubblebee products are ready to ship, available from authorised Bubblebee Dealers in the UK and ROI.

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