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DPA d:dicate™ IMK4011G Instrument Mic Kits

Save with New DPA d:dicate™ 4011G Instrument Mic Kits

Yes, you heard us right: you can now clip a DPA d:dicate™ 4011 directly to your instrument! The new 4011G Instrument Mic kits make use of DPA’s new MMP-GS Active Cable preamp, the GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount and a selection of 4 instrument clips to bring you the best mic placement and recording option available.

The DPA d:dicate™ 4011 Directional microphone capsule is a first order cardioid mic with perfect frequency linearity 30 cms from the source. With very smooth off-axis characteristics, surrounding sound sources won’t be artificially EQ’d, merely attenuated, maintaining a natural sound. It’s perfect for capturing crystal clear sound from high SPL sources as a result of its incredibly low self noise and high dynamic range. These could be drums and percussion, or any instrument you can successfully clip the microphone to.

Clipping the 4011G directly to your instrument means that no matter how the instrument or performer moves, you retain the same exact mic placement. This is crucial for the 4011 capsule, as with all cardioid mics, proximity effect means a change in miking distance will change the low frequency response. With the d:dicate™ 4011G Instrument Mic kit, you can now position the mic as you wish and it will keep that position throughout the performance.

The IMK4011G Instrument Mic Kit provides:

  • Unbeatable transparency and clarity for your instrument
  • Capture all the instrument’s dynamics
  • Extremely low self-noise
  • Linear off-axis response and excellent attenuation
  • Variety of clips fit many different instruments
  • Easy mic positioning with flexible but sturdy GSM4000 gooseneck mount
  • Built-in shock absorber protects from vibrations and knocks

Classic or Rock kit?

There are two 4011G Instrument Mic kits – one for ‘Rock’ and one for ‘Classic’ instruments. These both come with the 4011GS Cardioid Mic on Active Cable, side-exit, and four instrument clips FOR FREE (worth £100!). The difference is the type of instrument clips. Here’s what you get:

DPA d:dicate™ 4011G Rock Instrument Mic Kit
DPA d:dicate™ IMK4011GS-CL Classic Instrument Mic Kit

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