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RAK Studios Install Quested’s Q212FS System

RAK Studios has just been added to the list of world-renowned studios that all feature Quested Monitoring Systems, a list that includes London’s Abbey Road Studios & HANSA studios in Berlin. in Berlin.

Since 1985 Quested has been producing some of the best studio monitors money can buy and the floor standing version of the Q212 system is an exceptionally fine example of what the UK manufacturer has to offer. The Q212FS design is based on one of Quested’s most popular and iconic soffit mounted systems with three-way monitors, utilizing dual twelve-inch radial chassis drivers. The system has been adapted to allow for the Q212 element to sit on top of the QSB118 sub-bass and be at a perfect height for most work stations with the acoustic center at approximately 1.4m.

Sound Network was lucky enough to be present at RAK Studios, London, while Quested installed the monitors. To hear music such as the ‘Interstellar’ soundtrack through the same generation of monitor it was mixed on, was a real treat. The clarity and honesty of the system right through from the lowest lows, to the highest highs, is extraordinary. It’s no secret that the Hans Zimmer himself has used Quested almost exclusively since 1986. “150 movies later, still no complaints!”, says the man himself.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect to see if you head down to studio three at RAK.

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