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The New Sony DWR-S02DN 2-Channel Portable Digital Wireless Receiver

Sony Release New DWR-S02DN 2-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver

Sony has released the newly-upgraded DWR-S02DN digital wireless receiver, a dual channel slot-in receiver for Camcorders for the DWX-N family. This has been a greatly anticipated product as it promises industry-beating low latency of just 1.5ms along with superb 96kHz sample rate audio quality and Sony’s sturdy reliability – all in a light and portable dual-channel receiver.

Portable and Powerful

The DWR-S02DN ismade of magnesium die-cast and aluminium, making it extremely rugged and light, ideal for portable applications. This is true whether you choose to use it standalone in a bag or slotted in to a Camcorder. Its impressive features raise the bar for portable digital wireless receivers:

  • Two channels
  • Fully digital signal path
  • 24bit/96kHz high quality audio
  • Extremely low latency of just 1.5ms
  • Rear mount to Camcorders
  • Auto channel scanning function
  • Easy-to-see, full dot-matrix OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display
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Sony DWR-S02DN now benefits from DWX-N Codecs

Now you can have industry-leading sound quality and low latency – just 1.5msec – in a portable dual-channel receiver. The DWR-S02DN joins the rest of the DWX-N range with three Codec modes: MODE1 for compatibility with older DWX series applications, MODE2 with highest quality sound (24bit/96kHz) and incredibly low latency (only1.5ms), and MODE3 with more reliable RF transmission and greater signal error correction. Find out more →

Backwards Compatible and Choice of DWX-N Transmitters

The S02DN works with all the older Sony DWX series transmitters (in Mode 1) and of course all the DWX-N series transmitters like the DWT-B01N Beltpack and DWM-02N Handheld Microphone transmitters.

The Sony DWR-S02DN 2-Channel portable receiver is now available in the UK and Ireland – please contact us for more information or find your nearest Sony dealer here.

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