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Sony C-100 Hi-Res Microphone

New Sony Studio Microphones Announced at AES

Sony Professional Solutions Europe Pro Audio Division is showcasing prototypes of three new Hi-Resolution microphones. Designed for professional studio and recording applications, the most notable feature of the new Hi-Res studio microphones is that they are capable of extended frequency response up to to 50kHz.

Sony’s new studio microphones:

These brand new studio microphone models (especially the C-100) build upon Sony’s legendary studio microphone heritage (perhaps best known for the Sony C-800G Tube Condenser Microphone) and continue its recent development of Hi-Res audio products. The side address large-diaphragm condenser mic is optimised for vocal use, while the two end address condenser mic models (one cardioid and one omnidirectional) have been designed with instrument recording in mind. With a body structure that prevents acoustic vibration, balanced frequency response a high frequency response up to 50kHz and high sensitivity, the new microphones offer unrivalled sound quality.

Sony C-100 Hi-Res Mic (Side Address) – Ideal for Vocal Applications

  • Supports Hi-Res Recording (~50kHz)in an ultra-compact package
  • Two-way structure incorporates newly developed capsules with variable directivity that deliver a wide frequency response of 20Hz to 50kHz
  • Selectable pick-up pattern (Omni/Uni/Bi) supports a wide variety of recording applications
  • Two-part metallic body structure succeeded from the C-800G microphone prevents acoustic vibration resulting in low noise and clear sound
  • Low-Cut filter eliminates low-frequency noise and proximity effect
  • -10dB pad switch provides added headroom

Sony ECM-100U & Sony ECM-100N Hi-Res Mic (End Address) – Ideal for Instrument Applications

  • Ultra-compact with a choice of two models: Uni-directional (ECM-100U) or Omni-directional (ECM-100N)
  • Flat and wide frequency response (20Hz to 50kHz) ideally suited for High-Res Recording
  • Low-Cut filter eliminates low-frequency noise and proximity effect
  • -10dB pad switch provides added headroom

These new microphones expand the Sony High-Resolution Audio line, which has included a complete series of solutions designed to ensure that the latest generation of music enthusiasts can enjoy Hi-Res digital music with the highest level of sound quality available.

Sony C-100 Mic Features

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