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Tim Carroll of Linear Acoustic

Tim Carroll of Linear Acoustic and Telos Alliance Talks TV Tech

With the ever-increasing amount of television content flying across the airwaves and and more demanding television consumers than ever, Tim Carroll talks about Linear Acoustic, The Telos Alliance and the technology keeping it all ticking over.

Broadcast delivery methods have changed dramatically over the past few years and, as such, broadcasters need a much larger toolbag than ever to make sure the content is delivered in the correct manner for each consumer. As Carroll says:

…the normal tool set that broadcasters have in a linear broadcast chain has been blown out of the water. The same processes we use for a network or television delivery service that is designed to deliver a piece of broadcast content second over second has changed completely. Now, much of the content is chopped up, jammed onto a server and sometimes played back on multiple servers. Also, commercials are inserted on your portable device, oftentimes through an app. In the past, we used to know where to put the loudness meter, but where do we put it now?

In 2010 Linear Acoustic was presented with a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award along with Dolby Laboratories for their work in creating methods to solve the loudness situation and at the same time preserve the quality of the broadcast audio. Tim answers a host of questions about some of the challenges television broadcasters are faced with today in this interview.

Telos & Linear Acoustic: Helping Broadcasters Keep Their Eye on the Shifting Center of the Broadcast Universe

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