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DPA 4097 CORE Interview Kit

When you’re doing distance interviewing inside or out, the 4097 CORE Interview Kit gets you up and running quickly and easily. No extra equipment. No complicated setup. No workflow changes. A lighter, more flexible solution lightens your bag and eases your work.

The 4097 CORE Interview Kit includes:

  • • 1 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone (4097-DC-G-B00-010)
  • • 1 MicroDot Cable 2.2 mm (.09 in), 1.8 m (5.9 ft) (CM2218B00)
  • • 1 Plate for transmitter
  • • 1 Cold Shoe Mount with standard 1/4 in thread (CS4099)
  • • 1 Rycote Windjammer (Rycote 055427)
  • • 1 Telescope Boom (Manfrotto MPCOMPACT-BK)

The 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Mic is outfitted specifically so that it can be used in difficult filming locations like a car. Its foam windscreen protects it from wind noise, even when windows are down (due to tight spaces and camera placement). The built-in shock mount is also particularly useful when filming in a moving car. It has a small, slim, unobtrusive footprint and a black matte, non-reflective surface, which diminishes reflections from lights, making it even easier on the film crew.

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Product Description

The 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone offers a highly-directional pick-up pattern as well as low self-noise and high sensitivity. The mic is capable of handling high SPLs, which allows it to deliver undistorted natural sound, even when users speak loudly or yell.

The 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Mic uses a small-diaphragm, pre-polarized condenser capsule with a supercardioid pickup pattern mounted deep inside a small interference tube, which sits inside of a small replaceable foam windscreen.

The interference tube used increases the mic’s directionality while maintaining a flat on-axis frequency response and consistent off-axis response. Increased directionality, combined with good off-axis rejection, allows the microphone to isolate what should be picked up while attenuating sounds from the sides and rear.

The 4097 Interview Kit pairs with any DAD Wired or Wireless adaptor giving you complete flexibility to integrate with your current setup (NB: Adaptor sold separately)

DPA CORE 4097 Interview Kit

Directional pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Frequency range, ± 2 dB, 20 cm (7,9 in) distance: 80 Hz – 15 kHz with 2 dB soft boost at 10-12 kHz – Second order low-cut filter at 80 Hz with DAD4099
Sensitivity, nominal, ± 3 dB at 1 kHz: 16 mV/Pa; -36 dB re. 1 V/Pa
Equivalent noise level, A-weighted: < Typ. 23 dB(A) re. 20 µPa (max 26 dB(A)
S/N ratio (A-weighted), re. 1 kHz at 1 Pa (94 dB SPL): Typ. 71 dB(A)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 1 % up to 133 dB SPL peak
Dynamic range: Typ. 110 dB
Max SPL before clipping: 135 dB
Connector: MicroDot
Colour: Black
Total weight: 10g (0.35 oz)
Microphone length: 10.4 cm (4 in)

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