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Bubblebee Industries The Cable Saver

In answer to the perennial problem of both securing the mounting of LAV microphones AND taking care of the microphones being used many hours a day, the folks at Bubblebee Industries have created The Cable Saver.

The nifty Cable Saver is made of durable rubber and designed to drastically improve the lifespan of your mics by adding all-important relief to your mic cables, while also eliminating handling noise.

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Back in 2014, Bubblebee’s Poul Mejer worked on a popular TV reality show and came up with the idea of what has now become the Bubblebee Cable Saver, saving the production team thousands of Euros in microphone repairs and replacement.

Before that, the company behind this production spent over €10.000 on cable and plug repairs every year. After they starting using Bubblebee’s Cable Saver in 2014, the costs were reduced to under €1.500. Proof that such a simple invention can really make a change to your bottom line.

As well as preventing breakages, the Cable Saver also helps reduce handling noise. If you mount the Cable Saver under the microphone head, the direct noise of touching the cable will disappear.

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How to fit the Bubblebee Cable Saver on your LAV mic


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