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Bubblebee Industries Invisible LAV Covers

Bubblebee Industries' Invisible LAV Covers allow you to mount any miniature lavalier mic safely and securely in an invisible spot either on clothing or directly on the skin of the wearer, with minimal effect to the sound.

Bubblebee's Invisible LAV Covers include 30 x hypoallergenic stickys and 9 x invisibles in a neat box with clear instructions printed on the inner lip of the packaging.

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The handy packaging of the Bubblebee Invisible Lav Covers features 3 x 3 reusable high-quality black fabric ‘Invisibles’ and 30 x hypoallergic tested tape ‘stickys’ for easy and lasting mounting. The fabric is created to give minimal movement and eliminate clothing noise and vibrations to the mic on mounting.

The LAV covers are made to be durable and stick safely to either skin of fabrics, and Bubblebee Industries has focused on making the attachment easy and straight forward.

Bubblebee Invisible Lav Covers demonstration video:

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