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Bubblebee Industries Invisible Lav Tape

Bubblebee Invisible Lav Tape is a pack of 120 Hypoallergenic tested stickys for attaching lavalier microphones to subjects invisibly. These invisible mic stickys can be used alone or with the Invisible Lav Covers, depending on the mounting style.

The stickys are disposable and are pre-cut to offer two pieces – an outer sticky shell and a smaller tab, both incredibly useful for attaching lav mics to any subject invisibly.

The pack contains 120 x Bubblebee invisible stickys

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Bubblebee Invisible Lav tape includes 120 super sticky and Hypoallergenic tested invisible stickys to attach lav mics to pretty much any object you like. Under clothes, direct to skin, under seams, caps, hats and in ties. Watch Poul from Bubblebee demonstrate some popular methods in this video.

Mounting a mic with Bubblebee Invisible Lav Tape and Fur Cover


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