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Bubblebee The Piece-a-Fur

Bubblebee Industries' Piece-a-Fur is a crucial part of every sound recordist's toolbox. This is no ordinary furry fur.

The Bubblebee Piece-a-Fur has been specially sourced to provide the softest and quietest cover for mounting lavalier mics under clothing, where rubbing noise would usually make your life as a sound recordist exceedingly difficult. Where other materials might make a noise, the Piece-a-Fur is totally silent.

Bubblebee's Piece-A-Fur comes in six different fur colours: Beige, Black, Brown, Grey, Off White and White, and each pack contains 12 inches (30cm) of fur, just over 4″ (11cm) wide.

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Product Description

Piece-a-fur is ideal for use with both the Bubblebee Invisible Lav Covers or Bubblebee Invisible Lav Tape, depending on how you choose to mount the Lav mic on a the talent.

The Bubblebee Piece-a-Fur is now available in six colours:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Off White
  • Grey


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