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Bubblebee Short Haired Windkiller S

The Bubblebee Industries Short Haired Windkiller S is designed to give superior wind protection for all shotgun microphones on the market. The Windkiller features a moulded rubber base with foam sheath, covered in specially selected fur to effectively dampen the effects of wind on the mic capsule, while leaving the frequency response of the mic in tact.

This version of The Windkiller is the short-haired wind protector in 'small' size made to fit shotgun microphones from Sony and JVC.

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Product Description

The core of the Windkiller consists of high quality coarse foam with Bubblebee’s carefully chosen soft and fluffy short imitation fur on top. This faux-fur is highly durable, works excellent to block the wind and is aesthetically pleasing for the eye.

The base of The Windkiller is constructed with Bubblebee Industries’ specially designed rubber mount that grips onto your microphone while still making it perfectly easy to slide the Windkiller on or off.

The Windkiller comes in five different sizes, from XS to XL, all with an rubber opening in the bottom that fits shotgun microphones with a diameter of 18-24 mm (0.7”-0.9”).

This small (S) version is made for the following:

  • JVC Camera Mic
  • Sony Camera Mic


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