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DPA 8-Way Clip for 6060 Series Lavalier Microphone

The DPA SCM0030-B Lavalier Microphone Clip is a versatile, hardy and easy-to-use clip for all DPA subminiature 6000 series lavalier microphones.

The SCM0030-B lav Microphone clip offers:

  • Fast and secure mounting options
  • 360° mounting with 45° steps
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Product Description

DPA has made a versatile 4-way SCM0030-B Lavalier Microphone Clip to cater to all the needs of the modern broadcast, ENG and corporate sound professional wanting to take advantage of the subminiature 6060 series of micrphones. The SCM0013-B is precision engineered from extremely durable materials to withstand the working environment. Careful consideration has gone into designing not only a high-quality product that lasts, but into the SCM0013-B Microphone clip’s usability.

When used as a lavalier, a special rotatable clip is available. The 360° clip allows the lav to be mounted in eight positions, chosen in 45° incremental steps.
This makes it very easy to change the mics from women’s to men’s shirts (left- to right-buttoned) or even t-shirts and the like where the neckline is used.