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DPA Bodyworn Omni Microphone Kit

The DPA Bodyworn Omni Microphone Kit offers a tremendously powerful solution for video production, conference events, film and television sound recording.

The clarity of DPA's d:screet™ and d:fine™ Omni mic capsules is unsurpassed and their incredibly low self-noise, high sensitivity and innovative design means you can capture studio-quality audio in many situations time and time again.

The DPA Omni Bodyworn Kit includes nine omnidirectional microphones – four d:fine Headset Mics, four d:screet SC4061-BM Lavalier Mics and one d:screet Necklace Microphone, as well as wireless adapters and a host of accessories.

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Product Description

The standard DPA Bodyworn kit configuration comes with four beige headset mics, black lavalier mics and a black Necklace mic, along with eight DAD6034 Microdot-to-Minijack Adapters, though you can specify mic colours and different adapters when you place your order.

The full list of Mics and Accessories included with the DPA Bodyworn Omni Kit:

  • 4 x d:screet™ SC4061-BM Omni Mics
  • 4 x SCM0004-B Mic Clips
  • 4 x d:fine™ FIOF00-2 Omni Dual-Ear Headset Mics
  • 4 x d:fine™ HEF12 Single-ear hooks
  • 4 x d:fine™ Protection grids
  • 4 x d:fine™ Make-up caps
  • 4 x clothing clips
  • 12 x miniature windshields
  • 1 x d:screet™ Necklace Mic
  • 8 x DAD6034 Adapters
  • 8 x Padded zip pouches
  • 1 x Heavy-duty Peli Case


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