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DPA 4099 CORE Trumpet Microphone

The DPA CORE 4099 Trumpet Microphone is the next evolution in super-cardioid clip on microphones for trumpet and brass instruments. Everything about the 4099 has been designed to give you the most natural sound for your live performances.

The DPA CORE 4099 Trumpet Microphone also performs very well in studio situations. With extremely low self noise, its discrete size and easy adjustment on the Trumpet allows both musicians and recording engineers more freedom in studio, with excellent results.

The DPA CORE 4099 Trumpet Microphone includes the Extreme SPL 4099 variation, which has a dynamic range of 109dB and can withstand up to 152dB before clipping.

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Product Description

The DPA CORE 4099 Trumpet Microphone is the result of DPA’s extensive research and development into creating the ultimate microphone for live Trumpet performance and recordings. The CORE 4099 contains a highly directional capsule designed for use on stage and live settings where other instruments and monitoring may be in close proximity. Both the pick up pattern of the capsule and the Microphone design ensure maximum isolation of the brass instrument, with low very self-noise and high gain before feedback.

The DPA CORE 4099 Trumpet Microphone kit includes the Extreme SPL 4099 variation, which has a dynamic range of 109dB and can withstand up to 152dB before clipping. The CORE by DPA amplifier technology assists in the production of a very natural sound, both on and off axis, so that even in the unlikely event of spill, there are no unnatural harsh frequencies to deal with.

The mounting system is designed to securely attach the gooseneck microphone to the bell of the Trumpet or brass instrument by way of a rubber clamp which is very simple to fit, move and re-attach when required. The STC4099 clip fits the microphone securely to the rim of the Trumpet and is coated with a special rubber compound to prevent surface damage.

The DPA CORE 4099 Trumpet Microphone comes with a DAD4099-BC XLR adapter which requires 48v phantom power and the Microphone can also be used with a wireless microphone system when coupled with the correct DPA adaptor.

DPA CORE 4099 Trumpet Microphone

Directional characteristics: Supercardioid
Principle of operation: Pressure gradient
Cartridge type: Pre-polarized condenser
Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Frequency range, ± 2 dB, 20 cm (7.9 in) distance: 80 Hz to 15 kHz with 2 dB soft boost at 10 to 12 kHz
Sensitivity, nominal ± 3 dB at 1 kHz: 2 mV/Pa; -54 dB re. 1 V/Pa
Equivalent noise level, A-weighted: Typ. 28 dB(A) re. 20 μPa (max. 31 dB(A))
S/N ratio (A-weighted), re. 1 kHz at 1 Pa (94 dB SPL): 66 dB(A)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <1 % up to 137 dB SPL peak
Dynamic range: 109 dB
Max. SPL, peak before clipping: 152 dB
Output impedance: From MicroDot: 30 to 40 ohm; from DAD6001: 100 ohm
Cable drive capability: Up to 300 m (984 ft) with DAD6001 XLR adapter
Output balance principle: Signal balanced with DAD6001 XLR adapter
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR): > 60 dB from 50 Hz to 15 kHz with DAD6001 XLR adapter
Power supply (for full performance): Min. 5 V to max. 50 V through DPA adapter for wireless systems; 48 V phantom power +/- 4 V with DAD6001 XLR adapter
Current consumption: Typ. 1.5 mA (microphone). 3.5 mA with DAD6001 XLR adapter
Connector: MicroDot
Color: Black
Capsule diameter: 5.4 mm (0.2 in)
Microphone length: 45 mm (1.8 in)
Cable length: 1.8 m (6 ft)
Polarity: Positively increasing sound pressure produces positive-going voltage at MicroDot pin (and pin 2 on DAD6001 XLR adapter)
Temperature range: -40 °C to 45 °C (-40 °F to 113 °F)
Relative Humidity (RH): Up to 90%
Gooseneck length: 140 mm (5.5 in)