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DPA CXO4000 Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder

The CXO4000 Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder allows mounting Compact Pencil Microphones in both a coincident XY stereo configuration as well as in a near-coincident ORTF stereo configuration.

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The CXO4000 is a lightweight and durable little stereo mic clip, measuring only 140mm across and weighing in at just a few grams, much lighter than normal stereo booms. The Two hooks in the middle of the stereo holder are configured perfectly for X-Y stereo positioning of the mics, while the two hooks on the side are configured for ORTF stereo positioning.

It’s made of black anodised aluminium and ethyl-propylene rubber rings to ensure durability and mic stability. The CXO4000 stereo mic holder also includes a thread adapter for attachment to most common microphone stands.