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DPA d:facto™ Interview Microphone

The d:facto™ II Interview Microphone is a professional broadcast mic in a class of its own. It provides outstanding voice clarity, linearity and low noise.

Wind and handling noise rejection is superior to competition straight out of the box, in most cases without the need for extra foam windscreens or fur windjammers. A robust three-stage pop protection grid built into the microphone removes unwanted noise.

The d:facto II's modular design and adapter range make it unique in that it can be coupled with all major wireless systems. See the list of DPA d:facto wireless adaptors in the description below.

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Product Description

The DPA d:facto™ Interview Microphone is a broadcast-quality microphone for presenters and reporters who want voice clarity, linearity and low noise characteristics. This handheld omnidirectional condenser microphone features the new d:facto™ 2006V omni capsule, a specially adapted version of DPA’s popular 2006 omni capsule that has been adjusted to suit typical interview microphone levels.

To this end, the 2006V capsule in the d:facto Interview Mic has 12dB less sensitivity then the original 2006 omni capsule making it more suited to broadcast interview situations. The new interview mic also has incredibly low handling noise due to the inclusion of a rubber suspension mount built into the d:facto™ head.

With three levels of wind protection out of the box, the d:facto Interview Microphone has the lowest mic generated wind noise of any interview mics on the market with no additional fur needed.

DPA d:facto™ Interview Microphone Specifications

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DPA d:facto Interview Microphone Wireless Adapters

Apart from the standard DPA d:facto™ handle, the d:facto’s capsule and grid assembly can be coupled with the following d:facto™ adaptors to make it seamlessly integrate with the Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, Wisycom and Sony wireless systems:

  • FAASE2-ew Adapter:
    – Sennheiser SKM 2000
    – Sennheiser SKM 9000
    – Sennheiser SKM 100/300/500 Evolution Wireless
  • FAASE5B Adapter:
    – Sennheiser SKM 5200
    – Sennheiser SKM 5200 II
  • FAASL1B Adapter:
    – Shure LX2, PGX2, SLX2, T2, U2, UC2, ULX2, UR2, UT2
    – Sony DWM-02
    – Sony ZTX-M01
    – Lectrosonics HH
    – Line 6 XD75
  • FAAWI2B Adapter
    – Wisycom MTH300

DPA d:facto™ Interview Microphone Video – Wind Noise Comparison

DPA d:facto microphone video:


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