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DPA d:fine™ 10-Kit Plus Spares

The DPA d:fine™ 10-Kit Plus Spares is a limited offer kit with 10 d:fine™ Omni Headset or d:fine™ 66 Headset microphones, which includes spares for each modular part of the headset mics, neatly stowed in a heavy duty Peli Case.

Please note this kit was a Limited Edition and is no longer produced. Contact our dealers to find out if it is still available, or to find an alternative solution click here or get in touch with us.

The d:fine 10-Kit Plus Spares comes with spare parts including the omni mic boom, headset cable, dual-ear headband, packs of moisture grids, windshields and clothing clips at no extra cost along with a free Peli Case, all contributing to a saving of over £620 ex Vat!

Available while stocks last during November 2015.

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Product Description

DPA d:fine headset microphones represent the pinnacle of headset mic engineering: light, unobtrusive, tough and modular, so if any part were to break it is easily replaceable with little or no fuss, and inexpensively in comparison to the cost of the whole mic.

The d:fine 10-Kit Plus Spares includes a spare of each of the modular parts, offering you zero downtime during a performance, should anything go wrong. The Headsets are all covered by DPA’s 2-year warranty as well, for your peace of mind.

  • 1 x CH16F00 cable
  • 1 x HE2F12 dual ear headband
  • 1 x DUA0523F Make-up and Moisture Filter (5-pk) or DUA6003 Grids (5-pk)*
  • 1 x DUA0532F Cable Relief (5-pk)
  • 1 x DMM0519 Clothing clips (5-pk)
  • 1 x DUA0531F Windshields (5-pk) or DUA0567F Windshields (5-pk)*
  • 1 x VO10 Peli Touring Case
  • * Depending on whether it’s the d:fine™ Omni or d:fine™ 66 kits you go for…

d:fine™ 10-Kit Plus Spares Variations

FIO-10-NOV15 – d:fine™ Omni Dual Ear Headsets
FIO66-10-NOV15 – d:fine™ 66 Dual Ear Headsets
FIOM-10-NOV15 – d:fine™ Omni Medium Dual Ear Headsets
FIO66-M-NOV15 – d:fine™ 66 Medium Dual Ear Headsets
If your desired headsets aren’t listed, please get in touch with us to ask for them.


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