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DPA d:fine™ 4166 Omni Headset Mic, Dual-Ear

The DPA d:fine™ Omnidirectional Headset Microphone takes head worn miniature mics to a different level and comes in a variety of versions: single ear, dual ear, long boom and short boom with beige, brown and black colour options.

The d:fine Omni Headset mic features a slim capsule with a linear frequency response and tiny visual footprint, allowing the wearer free movemebt of their head and face without looking bulky – perfect for theatrical or broadcast use, as well as a host of other applications where consistent high-quality audio is key.

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The d:fine headset’s capsule housing has a slimmer profile than older DPA Headset mics, without compromising performance. The d:fine™ headband system is almost undetectable when in place and the mic can be mounted on just one ear if required, with the Single-Ear version available as a complete unit or by purchasing the single-ear earhook alone.

The DPA d:fine™ modular headset system will fit any ear size and head shape and is quickly and easily adjusted. In performance terms the d:fine™ stays true to the DPA philosophy of superior sonic clarity together with extreme level handling capabilities and sleek visual design.

The Omni d:fine also comes in a short boom version which is visually discrete and can be mounted in a matter of seconds, ideal when mics and packs are having to be swapped around during costume changes etc. The detachable microphone cable is terminated to a microdot connector which can be used with any of the DPA adapters depending on which wireless system is being used.

DPA d:fine™ Omni Headset Mic Specifications

Directional characteristics: Omnidirectional
Principle of operation: Pressure
Cartridge type: Pre-polarized condenser
Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Frequency range, ± 2 dB: 20 Hz – 20 kHz with 3 dB soft boost at 8 – 15 kHz
Sensitivity, nominal, ± 3 dB at 1 kHz: 6 mV/Pa; -44 dB re. 1 V/Pa
Equivalent noise level, A-weighted: Typ. 26 dB(A) re. 20 µPa (max. 28 dB(A))
Equivalent noise level, ITU-R BS.468-4: Typ. 38 dB (max. 40 dB)
S/N ratio (A-weighted), re. 1 kHz at 1 Pa (94 dB SPL): Typ. 68 dB(A)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <1 % up to 123 dB SPL peak; <1 % up to 120 dB SPL RMS sine
Dynamic range: Typ. 97 dB
Max. SPL, peak before clipping: 144 dB
Output impedance: From MicroDot: 30 – 40 ohm. From DAD6001-BC: 100 ohm.
Cable drive capability: Up to 300 m (984 ft) with DAD6001-BC XLR adapter
Output balance principle: Signal balanced with DAD6001-BC XLR adapter
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR): > 60 dB from 50 Hz to 15 kHz with DAD6001-BC XLR adapter
Power supply (for full performance): Min. 5 V to max. 50 V through DPA adapter for wireless systems. 48 V phantom power ± 4 V with DAD6001-BC XLR adapter.
Current consumption: Typ. 1.5 mA (microphone). 3.5 mA with DAD6001-BC XLR adapter.
Connector: MicroDot
Color: Black, beige, brown, lime
Weight: Microphone boom: 0.8 g (0.03 oz). Earhook: 1.1 g (0.04 oz). Cable: 6.6 g (0.23 oz). Total: 8.5 g (0.30 oz).
Microphone head size (h x w x d): 9.5 x 5.3 x 2.9 mm (0.37 x 0.21 x 0.11 in)
Capsule diameter: 5.4 mm (0.2 in)
Cable length: 1.3 m (4.3 ft)
Cable color: Black, beige, brown
Cable diameter: 1.6 mm (0.06 in)
Polarity: +V at MicroDot pin for positive sound pressure (and pin 2 on DAD6001-BC XLR adapter)
Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC): Fully compatible
Temperature range: -40 °C to 45 °C (-40 °F to 113 °F)
Relative Humidity (RH): Up to 90%


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