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DPA Microphone Base (DM6000)

The DPA Microphone Base (DM6000) brings sleek Scandinavian design and superior audio technology seamlessly into your meeting rooms. Made of brushed aluminium and including a built-in shock mount system, The Microphone Base suppresses most all unwanted handling or vibration noise from the table or podium.

Hidden mounting holes below the top cover allow for permanent mounting to any flat surface, and it looks just great. It can be ceiling-mounted upside down or positioned on top of a table.

Purchase The Microphone Base individually to suit your needs, or as a Tabletop mic or Ceiling mic kit.

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Product Description

The DPA Microphone Base – DM6000 comes in three different wiring versions:

  • XLR, Active, Balanced
  • Unterminated, Active, Balanced
  • MicroDot, Passive, Unbalanced

The DM6000 Microphone Base also comes in two colours: Black or White. Separate Microphone Base units can be combined with the gooseneck mic length of your choice.

DPA Microphone Base Order numbers

  • DM6000-BM – Microphone Base, Black with MicroDot
  • DM6000-BU – Microphone Base, Black, Unterminated, P48
  • DM6000-BX – Microphone Base, Black with XLR, P48
  • DM6000-WM – Microphone Base, White with MicroDot
  • DM6000-WU – Microphone Base, White, Unterminated, P48
  • DM6000-WX – Microphone Base, White with XLR, P48


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