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DPA MMA-A Digital Audio Interface for iPhone, Mac and PC

The DPA MMA-A Digital Audio Interface for iPhone, Mac & PC is a high-quality, dual-channel microphone preamplifier and A/D converter. The DPA MMA-A captures crystal-clear audio using compatible recording / broadcasting apps and can be used with all DPA microphones with a MicroDot connector.

This flexibility allows any content creator to use the equipment for unexpected situations that might arise during the day. Whether it be a two-channel interview situation or a session of stereo recording ambient sound, the MMA-A makes it easier for you to do your job and capture exceptional audio every time.

Use the DPA MMA-A App available from the App store on your iPhone or iPad to control the mic and interface parameters.

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Product Description

The MMA-A Digital Audio Interface is a high-quality dual-channel microphone preamp and A/D converter for your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. Mobile recording, video streaming and production is becoming much more prevalent and the HD video capabilities of modern smartphones means the tools to broadcast are almost always to hand. However, to match the great quality video, you need excellent quality audio.

DPA – Get Closer to Flawless Mobile Audio

At about two inches in diameter, the DPA MMA-A is a rugged, ultra-compact mobile audio interface that easily fits in your pocket. It provides best-in-class audio conversion quality and has two superb microphone preamps which work seamlessly with all of DPA’s capsules. The d:vice™ can be controlled with a remote application on any iOS device.

An exclusive DPA app is available for download from the Apple® App store. The app allows you to store gain settings and low-cut filters for ongoing and future personalized use in dedicated presets. Third-party applications can be used to accomplish specific tasks, including but not limited to, live broadcast and high-quality recordings.


The DPA MMA-A App is available for download free from the iTunes App Store and offers controls over deep parameters like low-cut and high-pass filters, preset recall, stereo, mono and dual microphone configuration and Feature Lock, which prevents third party apps from affecting the d:vice settings.

The GAIN sliders control the input levels. Slide to the right to increase amplification; slide left to decrease. The FILTER button removes unwanted low frequency rumble. The MON button allows you to send audio to your headphones to monitor what you are recording. This also works with a wireless headset with the iPhone 7.

The MONO, STEREO and DUAL settings choose the microphone configuration to use, allowing for one gain slider (MONO), two linked gain sliders (Stereo) or two seperate gain controls (DUAL) for interview situations, for example.

Download the DPA d:vice™ App

DPA d:vice™ App


d:vice™ Compatibility with 3rd party Apps like Mavis and Filmic Pro

The DPA MMA-A is designed to be compatible with 3rd party apps and has been tested extensively with apps like Filmic Pro and Garageband. The MMA-A App can be used to control the gain and filters, load your saved profiles and lock the mic control to your manual settings, which will override any auto gain control 3rd party apps might have. Any apps with mic gain control will also be able to control the basic gain settings via the d:vice™.

What’s included:

The MMA-A comes with one Micro USB-B to iOS (Lightning) and one Micro USB-B to PC / Mac (USB-A). Its MicroDot inputs allow it to be connected to all DPA miniature microphones, including the Lavalier, Headset, Instrument and even the Pencil microphones with the optional MMP-G preamp.