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DPA MMP-GR/GS Modular Active Cable With Microdot

DPA Microphones’ MMP-G Modular Active Cable is an ultra-transparent lightweight and small preamplifier for condenser mic capsules with active drive for impedance balancing to reject frequency interference. It has a microdot termination meaning it can be paired with any DPA adapter for use with all major wireless systems on the market.

It can be combined with any modular condenser capsule in the Pencil range, including the heralded MMC4011 Cardioid, MMC4015 Wide Cardioid and MMC4006 Omnidirectional capsules.

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Product Description

The DPA MMP-G’s sophisticated design allows the electronic componenents to all be housed in the top of the cable, so it features a MicroDot connector termination. This is a drastic step forward for DPA and allows the microphone to be linked with all leading wireless miking solutions through the extensive range of DPA adapters.

The MMP-G also contains an infield shock mount for added isolation. This proves extremely useful when used with DPA’s new GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount, reducing a considerable amount of handling and vibration noise.

The MMP-G is available in two variations, MMP-GR with the cable extending from the rear or MMP-GS with the cable extending from the side.

For the highest-quality wireless instrument miking solution on the market, attach your favourite Microphone Capsule to a MMP-G Modular Active Cable. Then you can seamlessly connect them to the GSM4000 Gooseneck Mount for d:dicate™. This combination allows you to create a wireless instrument miking solution with your favourite Microphone.

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