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DPA SCM0013-B 4-way Lavalier Microphone Clip

The DPA SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip is a versatile, hardy and easy-to-use clip for all DPA miniature lavalier microphones.

The SCM0013-B lav Microphone clip offers:

  • Fast and secure mounting options
  • Upward- and downward-facing mounting
  • Left- and right-facing mounting
  • Multiple cable management mounting options
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Product Description

DPA has made a versatile 4-way SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip to cater to all the needs of the modern broadcast, ENG and corporate sound professional. The SCM0013-B is precision engineered from extremely durable materials to withstand the working environment. Careful consideration has gone into designing not only a high-quality product that lasts, but into the SCM0013-B Microphone clip’s usability.

Durable, Ergonomic Design

Ease of use has been a leading consideration in every step of the SCM0013-B clip’s design process. Everything from the spring tension, matt-finish materials, grips and exact angle and length of the clip’s lever combines to allow for no-fuss handling under pressure.

DPA SCM0013-B Lav Clip side
DPA SCM0013-B Lav Clip side - Open

Multiple Lav Microphone Positions

The innovative clip design means you can fit your lavalier Microphone into the SCM0013-B clip with the capsule facing in any one of four positions: up, down, left or right. There are no moving parts to hinder the process. Simply press the Microphone into the clip and you’re ready to go.

DPA SCM0013-B Up/Down Mounting
DPA SCM0013-B Left/Right Mounting

Ingenious Cable Management

DPA’s SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip has three points for cable attachment meaning it fits seamlessly into your style of attachment for the cable and Microphone capsule.

DPA SCM0013 Cable Attachment Options

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