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DPA TSM4001 Table Shock Mount for Gooseneck Microphone

The DPA TSM4001 Table Shock Mount is a highly stylish fixed microphone mount. It is optimized for the weight and dimensions of our Gooseneck and Floor Stand Microphones.

The DPA TSM4001 Table Shock Mount offers the best shock rejection available of any integrated podium mount. Vertical softness absorbs handling vibration. Horizontal movements are controlled to prevent the podium boom from touching the mount. Best performance is obtained with mics weighing between 140 g (5 oz) and 240 g (8.5 oz).

The DPA TSM4001 Table Shock Mount is designed to match the sleek Scandinavian look of our Gooseneck Installation Solutions. The top part of the mount can be custom ordered with different finishes to match surrounding architectural appearance.

The Table Shock Mount is easy to mount. It only requires a hole in the table plate with a diameter between 55-59 mm (2.16-2.32 in). The mount fits plate thicknesses from 8-38 mm (0.31-1.49 in). Where to buy

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