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DPA VO4 + 4011G Live Mic Kit

The DPA VO4 + 4011G Live Mic Kit combines the versatility of their brilliant d:vote™ Instrument mics with a pair of the unbeatable d:dicate 4011 cardioid condenser capsules mounted on the new MMP-GS Active Cables and the GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount.

The VO4 kit contains 4 x d:vote™ 4099 mics complete with XLR adapters and 10 x instrument clips, plus a pair of d:dicate™ 4011G cardioid live mics all housed in a sturdy Peli case.

This DPA Mic kit is available in limited numbers on a first come, first served basis, in two variants:
– the VO4-Classic + 4011G, or
– the VO4-Rock + 4011G kit

List price: £3250 ex Vat (Normally £3630.00 ex Vat)
Save over 10% (£380 off list) when you purchase before end of July! Available from all accredited DPA UK dealers.

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Product Description

The DPA VO4 + 4011G Live Mic Kit includes four d:vote™ 4099 mics and a pair of d:dicate™ 4011GS cardioid mics on GSM4000 gooseneck mounts, as well as 10 d:vote clips, zipper pouches and a sturdy peli case to carry everything in.

The VO4-Classic Kit

Featuring four DPA d:vote™ 4099 (hi-sens) instrument microphones that are proven to be indispensable for mic’ing live acoustic instruments and used by engineers worldwide for live classical and acoustic miking. The d:vote™ VO4-Classic touring kit also includes an assortment of clips for attaching the 4099 mics onto a variety of instruments. These include clips for trumpet or sax, flute or woodwind, violin, viola, cello, double-bass and acoustic guitar.

The VO4-Rock Kit

The d:vote™ VO4-Rock touring kit has four d:vote 4099 (lo-sens) mics and also includes heavy-duty cables and an assortment of clips for attaching the 4099 mics onto a variety of instruments. These include four clips each for drums, saxophone or trumpet, and two universal clips.

The d:dicate™ 4011G Cardioid

The DPA d:dicate™ 4011 Directional microphone capsule is a first order cardioid mic with perfect frequency linearity 30 cms from the source, and very smooth off-axis characteristics. With the addition of their new MMP-GS Active Cable to microdot (side-exit) and the GSM4000 Gooseneck Mount the 4011G can be clipped to instruments using any of DPA’s d:vote™ instrument clips, and thanks to the d:dicate™ modular system, the capsules can also be used in other applications by pairing them with the MMP-A or MMP-C preamps.


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