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Replacement Grids for DPA Lavalier Microphones

All DPA Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones (except the 4071) come with a Soft Boost grid as standard with a High Boost grid as an optional part in the box. The Soft Boost grid gives DPA Lavaliers their signature sound whilst the High Boost grid can be swapped onto the mic to give a boost in the higher frequencies, especially useful if the placement of the microphone is less than ideal.

Spare packs of grids can be purchased as spares in pack of 5 units.

Product IDs:

  • DUA6001 Soft Boost, Black
  • DUA6002 High Boost, Black
  • DUA6003 Soft Boost, Beige
  • DUA6004 High Boost, Beige
  • DUA6005 Soft Boost, White
  • DUA6006 High Boost, White
  • DUA6017 Soft Boost, Brown
  • DUA6018 High Boost, Brown
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