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Sony DWR-S02DN Digital Wireless Two-Channel Receiver

The Sony DWR-S02DN Digital Wireless Receiver is the latest two-channel portable slot-in receiver for Sony camcorders. As part of the DWX-N series digital wireless microphone system, the S02DN works seamlessly with Sony digital wireless transmitters, such as the DWT-B01N, DWT-P01N and digital wireless microphones, such as the DWM-02N.

The magic behind the DWX-N systems outstanding performance and incredibly low latency is Sony's proprietary codecs. The DWR-S02DN has three codec modes which offer you the best operating parameters for your specific environment/requirements.

Mode 2 provides the highest quality sound with a 96kHz sample rate and very low latency of just 1.5ms.

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Product Description

Sony’s DWR-S02DN receiver is the latest addition to their DWX-N range of professional digital wireless solutions. Ideal for a range of applications including live concert, theatre, opera, broadcast studio, ENG, field production and sound recording, it offers a totally digital wireless microphone platform. The DWR-S02DN combines advanced digital technologies and audio codecs, analogue microphone expertise, wireless audio transmission technologies, and an enviable reputation for stability.

DWR-S02DN uses DWX-N Codecs

MODE1 for compatibility with older DWX series applications, MODE2 with higher quality sound and incredibly low latency ideal for theatre, tour and broadcast applications, and MODE3 with more reliable RF transmission ideal for speech applications and where long distances might come into play.

Industry-beating latency, quality audio and reliable RF

The DWR-S02DN’s MODE2 codec provides higher quality sound with a 96kHz sampling rate and very low audio latency of 1.5 msec. MODE3 operation employs a codec which is optimised for reliable transmission by preventing drop out by interference with additional error correction.

Backwards compatibility

MODE1 operation provides the same high quality, reliability and audio latency as the previous “DWX series” version.

  • Compatible with all DWX Series transmitters and microphones

    Part of the DWX N series digital wireless microphone system, the DWR-S02DN works seamlessly Sony’s digital wireless transmitters, such as the DWT-B01N, DWT-P01N and digital wireless microphones, such as the DWM-02N.

  • Transmits high quality digital audio

    The digital wireless microphone system transmits and receives high-quality 24-bit/48-kHz digital audio in a specific frequency bandwidth. Using Sony’s original WiDIF-HP codec, the system delivers a wide dynamic range of more than 106 dB, a wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 22 kHz, and an excellent transient response.

  • Secure and stable wireless transmission

    The DWX N series enables highly stable wireless transmission that is extremely tolerant to unwanted interference. In addition, the system transmits and receives digitally modulated and encrypted data to minimise the risk of interception, providing highly secure transmission and reception.

  • Remote control of transmitter functions from the receiver

    Input attenuation, RF frequency selection, RF power output, Audio Low-pass cut-off frequency and transmitter Sleep Mode can all be controlled remotely from the digital wireless receiver.

  • Pre-programmed wireless channel plans for simultaneous multi-channel operation

    The DWR-S02DN has many pre-programmed channel groups, meaning combination of wireless channels to permit simultaneous operation of multiple channels without intermodulation.

  • Two-channel slot-in wireless receiver

    Despite its dual-channel receiver capability, the DWR-S02DN is small enough to be mounted directly in the slot of the Sony camcorder.

  • Rear mounting to camcorders

    The DWR-S02DN can be rear-mounted to arrange of Sony professional camcorders – using the DWA-01D adapter. When used with a camcorder that has AES/EBU inputs, full-digital audio recording is also possible.

  • Auto channel scanning function

    The DWR-S02DN comes with two auto channel scanning functions that allows for fast, easy and safe frequency channel changes.

  • Compact, lightweight, and rugged design

    The DWR-S02DN is highly compact and light weight, maintaining a good balance even when mounted on a camcorder. In addition, it is made of magnesium die-cast and aluminium, making it extremely rugged and suitable for the harsh environment.

  • Easy-to-see, full dot-matrix OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display

    The quick response of the OLED display enables real-time operating conditions to be displayed clearly and accurately.


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