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Sony ZRX-C30 Digital Wireless Compact Receiver

The Sony ZRX-C30 is a lightweight and compact digital wireless receiver, ideally suited to use as part of guitar or bass wireless system. The Sony ZRX-C30 can be used with Sony DWZ series transmitters (such as the ZTX-B01) to complete your wireless system.

The ZRX-C30 has three types of powering – by using a DC 9 V battery, a AC 12 V adaptor, or DC 9 V jack. With a the DC 9 V battery, the receiver can be used as a portable device for up to 3.5 hours.

The ZRX-C30 receiver provides wired/wireless seamless operation and is small and compact enough for use on a pedal board. The unit includes a built-in antenna to protect it under rough handling conditions. Meanwhile, offering a superb digital sound quality, the Sony ZRX-C30 has a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz. Also, with support for two RF modes, your experiences can be shared over WiFi.

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Product Description

The Sony ZRX-C30 is part of Sony’s DWZ range of Digital Wireless solutions, which provide affordable wireless audio packages – ideal for musicians and presenters. The DWZ range is designed to offer high sound quality with high reliability, utilising unique transmission technology also developed by Sony.

The Sony ZRX-C30 features:

A variety of interfaces and LED indicators

The unit features 3-way parallel audio output, ¼” TS phone (x2), and balanced XLR (x1). There are also LED Indicators for status monitoring for TX & RX.

Wired/wireless seamless operation

The ZRX-C30 is equipped with a Cable Tone Generator feature to simulate a wired tone when using wireless. There’s no need to adjust the equaliser setting on your amplifier when switching between wired and wireless –simply adjust the dial on the ZRX-C30 to match the desired wired tone.

Stable transmission

With the DWZ Series, dropouts and interuptions in reception are reduced to a minimum; utilising a space diversity reception system. Stable reception is achieved by using dual-antenna inputs/reception circuits. These receive signals over two different paths and automatically select the stronger RF signal for output.


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