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Sony ZTX-B02RC Digital Wireless Body-Pack Transmitter

As featured in the Sony DWZ-B70HL Digital Wireless Microphone System package, the Sony ZTX-B02RC is a Digital Wireless Body-Pack Transmitter, which can be used with Sony DWZ series receivers to complete your wireless system. The transmitter works with the ECM-LZ1UBMP lavalier microphone and the ECM-HZ1UBMP headset microphone.

The Sony ZTX-B02RC utilises AES 128-bit encryption technology to ensure highly secure transmission, so that users can reduce the worry of confidential information being intercepted.

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Product Description

The Sony ZTX-B02RC is part of Sony’s DWZ range of Digital Wireless solutions, which provide affordable wireless audio packages – ideal for musicians and presenters. The DWZ range is designed to offer high sound quality with high reliability, utilising unique transmission technology – also developed by Sony.

The Sony ZTX-B02RC features:

Highly secure transmission

The Sony ZTX-B02RC offers AES 128-bit standard encryption technology to secure transmitted signals and avoid being intercepted by others. By using this encryption feature, users can reduce the worry that confidential information could be intercepted.

A robust metal body

The Sony ZTX-B02RC is ready for the road – made of a strong and highly durable metal. Metal construction supports reliable use in rough operating conditions.

An easy-to-use operation

The Sony ZTX-B02RC features a momentary switch for muting or talk-back application.

Two AA battery operation and contactless rechargeable function

The Sony ZTX-B02RC is powered by AA batteries with a contactless rechargeable function (with optional BC-DWZ1 battery charger).

Sony ZTX-B02RC Specs

Transmitter Type: Bodypack
Antenna Type: Internal monopole antenna
Type of Emission: F1D and F1E
Modulation Method: GFSK
Carrier Frequencies: Ch1: 2402/2478.5 MHz

Ch2: 2421.5/2472.5 MHz

Ch3: 2427.5/2475.5 MHz

Ch4: 2424.5/2446.5 MHz

Ch5: 2449.5/2469.5 MHz

Ch6: 2405/2452.5 MHz

Ch a: 2469.5/2474/2478.5 MHz

Ch b: 2442.5/2447/2451.5 MHz

Ch c: 2415.5/2420/2424.5 MHz

Ch d: 2456/2460.5/2465 MHz

Ch e: 2429/2433.5/2438 MHz

Ch f: 2402/2406.5/2411 MHz
RF Power Output: 10 mW (e.i.r.p.)
Occupied RF Bandwidth: 2.5 MHz


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