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Joel Compass and the DPA d:facto II Vocal Microphone in Nickel Finish

DPA Microphones helps Joel Compass Perfect his Mic Technique

Compass, a 21 year old from South London who is rapidly making a name for himself as an up and coming R&B star, was switched on to DPA’s award-winning d:facto™ Vocal Microphone by his tour manager Mark Portlock and his engineer Liam Halpin. He is now using d:facto for all his live vocal performances.

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DPA d:fine 66 and 88 Headset Mics

DPA Launches d:fine™ 66 and 88 Miniature Headset Microphones

The DPA Headset Microphones have proved hugely successful and now see two new microphones added to the d:fine™ range. The DPA d:fine™ 66 is an Omnidirectional capsule improving on it’s predecessor, the 4066, while the d:fine™ 88 is the Directional version taking over from the omnipotent 4066.

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