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David Kamp Recording Insects - Safety First

David Kamp Recording Insects & Swarms for Shapingwaves – Full

Sound Designer David Kamp recently spent some time recording insects compiling audio for a new sound library collection entitled Insects & Swarms. The clue to what he was recording is in the name – thousands and thousands of flies, bees, mosquitos and locusts, some of which were recorded individually while others were captured as part […]

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Meris Ottobit and the Videokid game

Behind the Sound Design of The Videokid Game

Claudio Somigli of IBC Sound discusses how he and partner Chad Raymond recorded and designed the sound library behind the retro 80’s style game by Pixel Trip Studios, The Videokid. Pixel Trip Studios produced The Videokid, a newly released game for Android and iPhone, in association with Blue Zoo Animation. All the audio production and […]

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