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A stereo bar with DPA 4060 Heavy Duty omni mics

H2O: Nikò O’Brien Telling The Human Story of Climate Change With DPA Microphones

Musician, sound engineer and producer Nikò O’Brien has recently returned from the Himalayas where he was recording audio for Himalayas to Ocean, a fascinating programme highlighting how climate change affects the inhabitants of the Gandaki River Basin in Nepal. As the programme focuses on the human story, Nikò O’Brien wanted his interview microphone to be […]

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DPA d:vice Video Recording Rig iPhone 6S

Neat Idea for Stereo Video Recording Rig

We recently did a live recording session with the Jack Cheshire band (more about that to follow) and as in these situations you can never have too many cameras, we rigged up an iPhone 6S for some roving video – with a high quality stereo audio track to match. To make sure we had the […]

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DPA CXO4000 XY or ORTF mount

ORTF and XY Miking Solution by DPA Microphones

This has been around for a little while already, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Meet the DPA CXO4000 stereo mount, a superb little solution for mounting mics in ORTF or X-Y configurations. We’ve had plenty of experience using this with the d:dicate™ 4011ER cardioid mics, for things like drum overheads (ORTF), acoustic guitar (XY) […]

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