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DPA Mic Uni at Ronnie Scotts Piano Vocals Workshop

DPA Mic University – Miking Piano & Vocals at Ronnie Scott’s

The first DPA Mic University at Ronnie Scott’s (on Drums) turned out to be a success and we’re doing it all again in October! The second UK DPA Mic University workshop will be held at the prestigious Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on Tuesday 11th October. Subject: How to mic Grand Piano and Vocals Register Now […]

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How to Mic Saxophone

How to Mic a Saxophone – DPA Mic University [VIDEO]

DPA Microphone University presents: How to Mic a Saxophone This video demonstrates how to mic up a saxophone to get the clear, natural sound of the instrument to shine through. The demonstration uses various different DPA mics: the d:vote™ 4099S (Sax) Instrument mic, the d:dicate™ 4011ES Recording Mic with GSM4000 gooseneck mount, the d:screet™ 4061 […]

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Upgrade your old DPA mics to d:dicate Recording Mics

DPA Pencil Microphones Upgrade Path

Upgrade your old DPA Reference Standard microphones to their equivalent replacements in the latest Pencil range, with the new modular capsules and pre-amp upgrade path. This includes all older DPA 400X Reference Standard microphones like the 4006 or 4006-TL, 4011 or 4011-TL plus the previous 4007, 4015 and 4017 models too. You can read more […]

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DPA d:dicate 4015A Demo

DPA d:dicate 4015A Wide Cardioid Mic Demonstration

Louis from Garageband and Beyond has put together a nice video demonstration using the DPA d:dicate 4015A recording microphone. From DPA’s d:dicate™ recording range, the 4015A is a wide cardioid recording microphone with a clear and flat frequency response second to none, and here you can hear how it picks up the following acoustic instruments: […]

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Meris Ottobit Sounds and Settings part 3

Meris Ottobit Sounds and Settings with Terry – Part 3

Meris’s Terry Burton demonstrates how to use the Ottobit 500 Series Bit Crusher to add interesting textures and Ottobit Sounds to your recordings for R&B and Funk tracks. Using guitar, analogue synth, drum machine, vocals and bass via the Meris 440 preamp and DI and then patched through the Ottobit, Terry shows how the Ottobit […]

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Meris Ottobit Sounds and Settings - Part 2

Meris Ottobit Sounds and Settings with Angelo – Part 2

Angelo Mazzocco, DSP Engineer from Meris in the US presents part 2 of the Meris Ottobit ‘sounds and settings’ guides. Angelo demonstrates how to create awesome sounds using the Meris Ottobit bit crusher and his electric guitar plugged into the Meris 440’s DI input. Part 2 shows how to create the following Ottobit sounds: Crushed […]

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Angelo Mazzocco, DSP Engineer for Meris

Meris Ottobit In Depth Demo Video

Check out the first in-depth demonstration of the Meris OTTOBIT bit crusher presented by Meris DSP engineer, Angelo Mazzocco. The OTTOBIT uses sample rate reduction and bit decimation in tandem with a ring modulator, envelope and LFO filters, different LFO waveshapes and AM/FM modulation to create a huge sonic palette, from warm pitch shifting and […]

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Rob Meets Meris Ottobit

Meeting the First Meris Ottobit

We had the chance to meet the first Meris Ottobit outside of the factory when it landed in the UK for testing. We put our Rob in a small room, recorded some loops on acoustic guitar and vocals and set him off on his exploratory way. Watch the video…

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Meris 440 Giveaway February 2015

Win a Meris 440 Boutique Mic Preamp

With the recent announcement of their second product, OttoBit, Meris will soon be the gateway to a plethora of unique creative tools for your recording studio. We’re celebrating by giving you the chance to win the awesome Meris 440 Mic Preamp for your studio.

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Meris 440 UK Launch Terry Burton Red Bull Studios

Meris 440 Mic Pre UK Launch at Red Bull Studios

With the scores of new and exciting 500-series modules that have been announced over the past few years, many of them mic preamps, only one brings the creativity and versatility of guitarists’ pedal effects into the modern recording studio as successfully as the Meris 440 Mic Preamp.

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Joao Caetano DPA Mics Percussion

João Caetano and DPA Microphones on Percussion for Incognito

To ensure that the sound was as a tight as possible, Incognito’s percussionist João Caetano took along his own selection of DPA microphones including four d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones and a stereo pair of d:dicate™ 4011A cardioid microphones, which were used as overheads for the recording.

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