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Ralph Dunlop Director

Ralph Dunlop


In 1981, after six years as a professional musician, Ralph joined the sales team at Turnkey Studio Systems – at that time the largest pro audio equipment supplier in the UK. The early 1980s was a good time for the UK pro audio business. New recording studios were springing up everywhere, new technology was overtaking old and the music industry was bursting with energy and excitement.

As part of the Turnkey sales team Ralph was in daily contact with all the top players as well as many of the rising stars who form today’s music industry elite. Ralph’s abilities were spotted by Danish microphone manufacturer Bruel & Kjaer in 1984 and he played a major role in the launch of the Series 4000 microphones, going on to establish the product as an industry standard. Ralph spent six years with B&K and gained a strong reputation for his technical expertise and understanding of microphone application.

In 1992, he established Garwood Communications – the company responsible for the innovative Radio Station ‘In-Ear’ stage monitoring system. His day to day involvement with the company ended a year later when he joined forces with Pete Wandless to set up Sound Network. Today, Ralph takes a particular interest in the development of DPA microphones and their use in new markets. These include obvious areas such as theatres and live venues, through to more unusual applications such as motor racing and binaural recording.