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Bubblebee Invisible Lav Covers FUR OUTDOOR

New Way to Mount Lavalier Microphones Outdoors

One of the most important skills to master in sound recording is how you mount lavalier microphones on your subject. You need to take into account positioning, clothing noise, cable noise and tension and be a master of understanding materials, not to mention being able to mount the microphone effectively and comfortably on a subject […]

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Noveller performs with the Meris Polymoon

Noveller Performs with Meris Polymoon Delay – [VIDEO]

L.A. Artist/Composer Noveller performs with the new Meris Polymoon delay pedal. She gives her very first unscripted impressions and performs a live exclusive track. This is a live performance by Noveller which uses the Meris Polymoon delay pedal alongside her looper and other pedals. For a dedicated demo video, stay tuned as it’s coming later […]

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SOS Magazine finds out about DPA CORE at AES2017

DPA CORE at AES Video by SOS Magazine

Will Betts from Sound on Sound Magazine chats to Chris from DPA about the introduction of their brand new CORE amplifier technology and how this will improve their miniature microphones. CORE by DPA decreases the distortion found at all levels in microphones, increases the dynamic range of the microphone by up to 14 dB depending […]

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Andrea Di Biase recorded with DPA d:vice™

DPA d:vice™ Andrea Di Biase – Double Bass Improvisation

Double bassist Andrea Di Biase graced us with his presence and his early 20th century double bass and here is a recording and video made with iPhone 6S using the DPA d:vice™ interface. We used a d:dicate™ 4018G supercardioid mic (like this kit but with the 4018 capsule instead of 4011) with supercar on a […]

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Pedals and Effects Mercury7 Video

Pedals and Effects Review Meris Mercury7 Pedal

Juan and Nick take to the screen once more to tell you loads and loads about the new Meris Mercury7 pedal – a startling reverb inspired by the Bladerunner soundtrack. Their thorough review takes you through all the primary, secondary and global functions, stripping back layer after layer of the Mercury7 which, in their words, […]

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DPA d:facto™ Linear vs Vocal Comparison - Shake the Chains

DPA d:facto™ Vocal and Linear Vocal Comparison – Shake the Chains

What is the difference between the DPA d:facto™ Vocal (4018V) and Linear Vocal (4018VL) capsules? They can both take up to 160dB of SPL before distorting. They both have super-cardioid polar patterns, and excellent off-axis attenuation. The answer lies in the frequency response. Looking at the frequency charts below from 20Hz to 20kHz, you can […]

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Bryan Velasco and Meris Pedals

LA’s Bryan Valesco and Meris Pedals

L.A. Session Artist/Keyboardist Bryan Velasco performs with Meris pedals (Ottobit Jr. and Mercury7). Bryan gives his very first impressions of the pedals and adds spice while playing thru a Moog Voyager and Yamaha S90. More Bryan Valesco coming soon, sign up for useful updates delivered to your inbox. Available to order now: The Mercury7 Reverb […]

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Vintage King Meris Ottobit Jr Demo Video

Meris Ottobit Jt Pedal Demonstration by Vintage King

Check out this great Meris Ottobit Jr Pedal demo by Vintage King. Ottobit Jr is designed for guitarists, bassists, synth players and anyone else with a creative gene who appreciates designing crazy and unique sounds. Kitted out with triggered stutter effects, tap tempo, a sequencer module, an awesome low-pass filter and all this is controllable […]

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Geoff Stanfield Tape Op Meris mixing stompboxes

Mixing Using Stompboxes with the Meris 440 Mic Pre – Tape Op Mag

Geoff Stanfield, Online Publisher for Tape Op Magazine has put together this video on using stompboxes to get creative with effects during your mixing process. He uses the Meris 440 Mic Pre to integrate the stompboxes with Pro Tools and as well as showing you how to achieve this, gives handy tips and demonstrations on […]

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Anathema Drummer Daniel Cardoso with DPA drum mics

Anathema Drum Cam – DPA Mics

Anathema drummer Daniel Cardoso playing “A Simple Mistake”, video provided via his multi-angled drum cameras. Visit his page here. Check out the mic collection on his drum kit: Snare: d:dicate™ 2011C Hi-hat: d:dicate™ 2011C Toms: d:vote™ 4099D Ride: d:vote™ 4099D (And worth mentioning the vocals are on d:facto™ too!)

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Angelo Mazzocco Meris Mercury7 Reverb Features

Meris Mercury7 Video – Reverb Features Demo with Angelo Mazzocco

Meris recently announced a brand new pedal version of the Mercury7 reverb. In the wake of this, here’s DSP engineer Angelo Mazzocco’s Mercury7 video overview of what the tremendously powerful reverb algorithm can achieve. Both the Meris Mercury7 Pedal and 500-series versions are available for order. Subscribe to our mailing list for future updates and […]

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Miking Drums at Ronnie Scott's Videos

DPA Mic University Miking Drums at Ronnie Scott’s [Videos]

The first ever DPA Microphone University session on miking drums at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, UK. This workshop was presented by Bo Brinck, Nils Vinding and Rune Slot from the Danish manufacturer of some of the world’s best microphones. The first part contains theory about microphone technology and an overview of the setup, […]

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