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How to fit the Bubblebee Industries Cable Sa

How to fit a Bubblebee Cable Saver

We’d like to introduce you to the Cable Saver by Bubblebee Industries. This great little device was designed to protect your LAV mics by adding strain relief. It’s made of durable rubber that always returns to its original form, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking anytime soon – it can really take a pounding.

One of the most common causes of breaks in lavalier microphones is sudden strain on the cable – for example if a belt pack drops or the cable gets caught and yanked.

How the cable saver acts to relieve the force of the strain:

  1. Thread the end of the lav cable through the cable saver, either end – makes no difference at this point.
  2. Move the cable saver to position – somewhere near the connector is useful, though up near the capsule can also help to reduce cable friction noise.
  3. Now, clamping the cable saver in place with one hand, wind the cable fairly tightly around it in the direction of the connector. 4 to 5 turns should do the trick. Hold the cable in place as you do so.
  4. Then thread the end through the hole at the other end and pull the remaining slack through.

You can make sure the twists are evenly distributed, though its not essential, the cable saver will still do its job. Even when a fair bit of strain is exerted on the cable, the cable saver always return to its original shape ensuring theres sufficient strain relief in the cable.

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