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Poul Mejer on Bubblebee's new Invisible Lav Covers

Bubblebee Invisible LAV Covers Video

Bubblebee Industries’ brand new Invisible LAV Covers have arrived! These Bubblebee Invisibles are a pivotal tool for sound recordists. Their design is based on many years of actual experience in the field, painstakingly trying out many different combinations of materials, designs and placement options to create a product of the utmost quality that fulfils all of requirements of professional sound recordists in the field.

Included in the neat box is 30 x Hypoallergenic tape stickies and 9 x specialised mesh fabric covers, with clear application instructions. The mesh fabric covers are reusable up to 3 or 4 times. The Bubblebee Invisible LAV Covers MSRP is £11.40 inc Vat. They are available NOW from Authorised Bubblebee dealers.

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