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DPA Corporate AV Microphone Training

DPA Microphones & LMC Audio Bodyworn Corporate AV Training Videos

Nils Vinding from DPA Microphones HQ in Denmark presented a training session in conjunction with DPA partner LMC Audio Systems, focusing on using microphones in the corporate AV environment. His talk went into detail about how microphone capsules react to sound in their environment and how this matters to the human ear in these situations. A wide array of Bodyworn and podium mics were demonstrated during the training, which you can hear in the second video on this post which compares the different types of DPA d:fine™, d:screet™ and d:dicate™ mics useful for the corporate AV environments you may be faced with.

Full Training Session with Nils Vinding

Bodyworn Microphones Comparison

A comparison of Bodyworn and spoken word mics from DPA Microphones. Microphones include the DPA d:fine™ Headset Omni and Directional versions, d:screet™ SC4061, SC4071 and 4080 Lavalier Mics, SC4098 Podium mic, and d:dicate™ 4018F Podium and 4018C Table stand mics, prominent performers for any situation in the Corporate AV world.

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